Last summer I received a call from the owner of a small Texas manufacturer who got inspected by OSHA and had just received the this letter:

It was a 24 point laundry list of virtually all OSHA standards that apply to a typical manufacturer, and the company was in violation of all of them.

The owner was in a state of panic and didn’t know what to do, and unfortunately I was the one who had to tell them it was too late:  not only did they have to fix everything moving forward, but they would likely get huge fines regardless.

She was unaware of the long list of OSHA compliance requirements that applied to her company and was about to pay the price.

We routinely get contacted by companies who hire us only after they get in trouble with OSHA, don’t be the next one.

It’s vital to be proactive about building your safety program and being prepared for the possibility of an OSHA inspection.

Doing so could literally save you $10s or even $100s of thousands of dollars, not to mention the embarrassment and disruption that always follows an OSHA enforcement action.

For those needing help, our proven & proprietary EHS compliance services are more affordable and easier to manage than you think, and always less expensive and stressful than the alternative.

Stop stressing about EHS compliance and do something about it before it’s too late.

PS: We recently surveyed our existing clients, and 100% of respondents agreed that our turn-key services give them the “piece of mind” they were looking for prior to working with us.

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