As we begin the process of re-opening the economy, employers from all industries are really struggling to understand how to make their workplaces safe for employees and customers during this COVID pandemic.

The TV, internet and social media are filled with stories about how even major companies like Amazon, Tyson foods and others are facing huge problems like infection outbreaks, employee walkouts, retaliation claims from employees who speak out, and how some companies are being forced to shut down.  And then of course all of the bad press that comes with it.

And if this is happening to these huge companies who should actually have the resources to deal with it, how are small companies who are already in crisis mode due to the pandemic, supposed to cope?

To make matters worse, there’s so much information and misinformation floating around out there, making it really tough to know what to believe and what to do.

These are very real problems, so employers from all industries from manufacturing to construction to retail to government, need to maintain laser focus on how they plan to deal with them or risk the possibility of not surviving to the other side of this pandemic.

This is the unfortunate reality that we’re currently facing and it isn’t ending any time soon.

But look, it’s not all bad news.  There are actually proven steps that any employer can take to help get control of this situation by creating a safer workplace that will give their employees and customers the confidence to believe in, so that business operations can resume and continue now.

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