Workplace COVID-19 Risk Exposures

Updated September 2021:  As the Delta variant continues to spread and account for the vast majority of new infections, and new variants continue to emerge, workplace COVID-19 infections will unfortunately continue to be a threat for the foreseeable future.  The exposure risks below continue to be valid and are a reminder of the importance of implementing and managing workplace exposure controls. How At Risk Are Your Workers? As the country opens back up and workers return to their jobs, it’s [...]

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Handling Complaints Related to COVID-19

Fear of the novel coronavirus has been spreading throughout every corner of the world for the past few months, including the workplace. Because essential businesses have remained open, and others are partially reopening around the country, employers have seen a significant increase in reported concerns. So, how can you respond to these complaints, and what can you do to prepare yourself? First of all, you should know that a worker complaint to OSHA regarding COVID-19 does not mean that you [...]

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Berg Helps Capital Metro Protect Employees From COVID-19

Using Berg’s new COVID-19 service offerings, Capital Metro carefully manages complex guidance from OSHA, CDC and City of Austin to reduce COVID-19 exposure and infection AUSTIN—June 23, 2020— Berg Compliance Solutions, experts in helping businesses ensure environmental, health and safety regulatory compliance, today announced that Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CapMetro), the Austin public transportation provider, has leveraged Berg’s new COVID-19 Assessment and Control Plan Services to carefully manage guidance from OSHA, CDC and City of Austin regarding COVID-19. Working with [...]

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Screening Your Employees for COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, the world of business has had no choice but to keep running. Manufacturing workers supporting the supply chain, construction workers maintaining our infrastructure, and business owners looking to adapt their practices during the fight against this disease have proven just how much we rely on them and the products and services they provide. Now more than ever, it’s vital to onboard these new employees safely and securely. People in hiring positions have a moral [...]

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OSHA & CDC Combine COVID-19 Guidance Efforts

As the country begins the process of re-opening the economy, the federal government, through CDC and OSHA, is ramping up efforts to help private and public sector employers better understand how to manage workplace COVID-19 exposures, infections and risks. Both agencies issued updated and joint Coronavirus guidance and recommendations last week here. These efforts are being driven by several factors including a realization that the pandemic isn’t ending any time soon, just how contagious COVID-19 can be, as well as [...]

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Is Your Company Safe From COVID-19?

As we begin the process of re-opening the economy, employers from all industries are really struggling to understand how to make their workplaces safe for employees and customers during this COVID pandemic. The TV, internet and social media are filled with stories about how even major companies like Amazon, Tyson foods and others are facing huge problems like infection outbreaks, employee walkouts, retaliation claims from employees who speak out, and how some companies are being forced to shut [...]

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