If you’re like most people who visit our website, you probably work for a small company who is struggling to manage OSHA and environmental compliance issues.

You wear many hats with many responsibilities and aren’t an EHS compliance expert, with little time or energy leftover for safety.

To complicate matters, you may have already discovered that building an OSHA compliance program isn’t exactly easy, with all of the complicated rules and regulations.

If this sounds familiar, then don’t feel bad because you’re definitely not alone and help is on the way.

Imagine building your customized OSHA program with guidance from our team of safety experts using a proven and reliable process.

Then, imagine not having to worry about serious employee injuries, huge regulatory fines, lost money and legal problems. These are the major benefits of our new, super cost effective solution called Guided Compliance™

Guided Compliance utilizes our proven process for helping small companies achieve and manage OSHA compliance & reduce risk. It’s a new hybrid version of our turn-key Assured Compliance service, & combines a “do-it-yourself” aspect with remote guided support from our team of experts.

We are in the beta-development phase for our new service and are offering a major discount for a limited time to the next 2 companies who choose to participate.

We’re offering the discount in exchange for your feedback as we develop and improve the service.

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