Why Berg Compliance Solutions Helps Small Business w/ OSHA & Environmental Compliance

Hello, my name is Russell Carr and I’m the founder and president of Berg Environmental Services and Berg Compliance Solutions.

This is part 1 in a series of videos that tells the story of how my own personal and professional struggles trying to manage OSHA health and safety compliance while operating a small energy services that I founded in 2007 inspired me to later found Berg Compliance Solutions in 2012.  We are a very unique EHS consulting company that is dedicated almost entirely to helping other small business owners and small companies to achieve and manage OSHA, environmental and hazardous materials compliance.

Watch this video and you’ll see how throughout my career as a small business owner and entrepreneur I’ve lived through many of the same environmental, health and safety compliance challenges that you’re probably facing today.

I learned first hand how incredibly difficult and challenging it can be trying to juggle running a small business while at the same time trying to manage what feels like an overwhelming, complicated and ever changing set of environmental, health and safety regulations that impact the company.

I’ve also learned first hand how failing to do so can lead to all kinds of problems, risks, and losses including major regulatory fines and penalties from agencies like OSHA, TCEQ and EPA.

Unfortunately I have first hand experience dealing with these issues, and have also seen how these devastating risks have impacted other small business owners and companies throughout my career.

The fact is that just about all impacted small businesses lack the internal expertise, time, money and resources that are needed to keep up with and manage these EHS regulations, and my company was no different.

I understand the pain, frustrations and challenges that small businesses face while trying to manage these issues, and have responded by founding an EHS consulting company that is dedicated to solving the problem.   We offer a very unique, proven and proprietary outsourced compliance solution that will get your small business in-line with all of the environmental, health and safety regulations that impact your business, and do so in the most cost effective, efficient and least disruptive way for your business.    It’s called Assured Compliance, checkout what some of our clients have to say about our services (hyperlink to testimonials page)

Checkout the video to learn more about how my struggles managing OSHA health and safety compliance while trying to operate a small energy services company during a boom time in the wind energy business.  I’ll bet you’ll relate to the story, and can learn from the many mistakes made and lessons learned along the way.  By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in manufacturing, construction, energy, distribution or any other high hazard industry, the story still applies, believe me when I tell you….