Hello, my name is Russell Carr, and I’m the president and founder of Berg Environmental Services and Berg Compliance Solutions, thanks for checking out our website.

Ok, so If you found us on-line, there’s a very high probability that you either own or work for a small company who is struggling to keep up with what seems like an endless and ever-changing list of OSHA health and safety, and/or environmental and hazardous materials laws and regulations that apply to your company.  Whether you are trying to be proactive about these issues, or have already experienced non-compliance problems, congratulations because you’ve come to the right place.

The fact is that most small businesses simply lack the internal expertise, time, money, and resources needed to stay current with environmental, health and safety compliance, so if that sounds familiar, you are definitely not alone.

But the problem, as some of you may already know, is that that this situation can end up putting your company, your employees, your local community, the environment and  ownership and management at risk for significant non-compliance related liabilities including:

  • Serious employee injuries or even fatalities
  • major regulatory fines and penalties
  • skyrocketing insurance and other related costs
  • lost customers and lost business opportunities
  • PR nightmares
  • Even potential civil and criminal liabilities

For example, did you know that a Texas manufacturer was recently fined over $450,000 for 25 different health and safety violations, and a small business owner in Washington is currently facing jail time and a $250,000 fine after one of his employees was killed in a trench collapse?

These are the kinds of things that can happen when small companies fail to manage EHS compliance.

Our company understands these challenges and risks facing small business because I am also a small business owner and entrepreneur and have lived through many of the same environmental, health and safety compliance concerns that you’re probably facing today while owning and operating 2 small energy services companies. And those experiences were what inspired me to start this company, which is dedicated almost entirely to helping other small business owners and small companies to manage these issues.  Don’t get me wrong, we work with large companies too, but the majority of our clients have less than 100 employees.

So our unique understanding of these challenges and our focus on small business is what makes us different from other EHS consulting companies.

We’re dedicated to this mission and offer our clients and website visitors a wide range of  HSE compliance related resources including a blog that contains many years worth of educational content, we’ve just started a brand new series of educational videos designed for small business, and we also offer complimentary, confidential, no-obligation consultations and compliance assessments.

For those companies who are just getting started on their compliance journey, we strongly recommend signing up for our Free Snapshot Assessment Service which will help you get a better understanding of which regulations apply to your business and what needs to be done to get compliant.

But for those of you who already know that you need help, we offer customized, proven, and proprietary outsourced (Assured Compliance) & virtual (Guided Compliance) EHS compliance solutions which will get your company current and compliant with all OSHA, EPA and State Environmental laws and regulations that apply to your company and do so in the most cost-effective, efficient and least disruptive way possible. And all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee and we’ll even guarantee your compliance!  Good luck finding that with one of our competitors.

For a limited time we’re offering to conduct a Free, No Obligation, Snapshot EHS Compliance Assessment.  

Learn Your Compliance Condition and Risk Profile In About An Hour

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