Your company has a lot on its plate, especially when it comes to environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance.

You have to keep up with numerous complicated and seemingly ever changing OSHA & EPA and state regulations, all while trying to manage a profitable business.

But you don’t have to do it alone. A safety consultant can help you navigate the regulatory minefield and your place within it. What’s more, they’ll likely get it done better and cheaper than you could by hiring a full time EHS manager.

Why should you seek out safety consulting services? Here’s why a safety consultant may be what you need.

Needs Are Often Different for Large vs. Small Businesses

Every company in the country must provide a safe working environment for their employee. That means identifying and eliminating or mitigating health and safety hazards of all types and keeping strict records.

Many large companies are able to manage this responsibility, but most small business really struggle, due to a common lack of expertise, time and resources needed to keep up.

Safety consulting services can help companies big and small.

For larger company with a functioning safety program, nobody knows your program better than you. Your company built and maintains it, and wants to future-proof it. You know not only how you comply with regulations but how you fill the roles of those who hold compliance in their hands.

Here’s the problem.

You may know every nook and cranny of your safety program. But sometimes being too close to it makes it difficult to assess its strengths and weaknesses. Where are the holes? Are there redundant processes? Could you both optimize your safety procedures and improve your workflow in the same swift move?

It can be challenging to answer these questions from up close – if not because you’re so busy implementing your safety program that you don’t have time to do it.

A fresh pair of eyes may be what you need to spot the tiny flaw in your plan that’s also your most significant risk.

For smaller companies without a safety program, a safety consultant can help you build and manage a compliant program quickly and efficiently, including a comprehensive health and safety training plan.

Why Third-Party Verification is the Way Forward For Companies with Larger Companies With Safety Programs

Your internal EHS team are all excellent at their jobs. Why do they need the help of a consultant?

Because not all compliance is about competency.

Internal teams may have the knowledge and skills to design and execute a comprehensive safety program. But they’re also your employees. That means they can be influenced by what’s happening elsewhere in the company.

It’s not unheard of to encounter EHS teams influenced by the company’s past safety record. Whistleblowers report on companies that alter reports after pressure from the top brass or in an attempt to keep the company’s hands clean. Plus, EHS teams always have something to prove. Whether it’s keeping their current job or leveraging themselves for a promotion, the ‘people’ element within your internal safety team can be your safety downfall.

When you use an outside expert, you have someone to check their work. They have no skin in the game beyond wanting to help you comply with regulations, avoid fines, and protect your workers. They don’t want the top job, and they don’t know or get involved with internal politics. They can bring their experience and ideas to the table without holding back.

What a Safety Consulting Company Can Offer

Who is this fresh pair of eyes ready and able to breathe new life into your safety program? They’re a safety consultant<>.

What is a safety consultant? Safety consultants are EHS professionals who visit companies like yours and assess or build your safety plan against OSHA health and safety regulations. Being an eagle-eyed, independent expert, they spot strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your safety plan. They then help you outline a path towards a safer, fully-compliant workplace.

The safety consultant works with your current EHS team (if you have one) – not against them. They use a consistent auditing process and present their findings to your organization. In most cases, they find little changes with varying degrees of severity. These are things that would have cost your EHS team weeks, if not months, to notice, and even then, they may not spot them until after you’ve seen an injury or fine.

When Should You Hire a Safety Consultant?

The answer is ASAP.

Don’t wait until you have an audit or failed OSHA inspection on the books or until you have a seemingly unsolvable problem. A safety consultant should be on call to check in whenever you make a substantial change to your process. They can also help design safety systems from the ground up.

What’s more, safety consultants aren’t bogged down with other projects as internal employees are. They can dedicate their time and energy to getting the program done right.

Remember: your safety consultant service fees are a business expense, which means they’re tax-deductible. You can only gain value by bringing on a consultant.

How Much (and Who) Could You Save by Hiring a Safety Consultant?

It sounds counterintuitive, but safety consultants add a vast amount of value to your internal team. They’re more than box checkers: safety consultants are detail-oriented, big-picture thinkers who know safety rules inside and out. Plus, they not only have experience working with firms in your niche, but they have no allegiances in office politics. All they want to do is protect your workers and your company from safety hazards.

From design to implementation, safety is a team effort. No one can go it alone. And a safety consultant is a valuable member of your team, even if they’re only around for a few days or weeks.

Are you worried about your company’s EHS compliance? Could you be missing something? You could save lives and money by working with a safety consultant.


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