It’s a very common misconception that OSHCON can somehow manage all of a company’s OSHA compliance requirements, but they can’t and here’s why:  They’re only authorized to visit your company once per year to audit your facility and make recommendations.  But once that’s done, now the ball’s in your court. Now it’s your company’s legal obligation to implement those recommendations, as well as any other OSHA requirements, and then manage them on an ongoing basis, from week to week, and month to month.  But that’s exactly what most companies fail to do.  And we’re talking about all of the recurring employee training requirements, routine inspections, record keeping requirements, lockout/tagout procedures, and the list goes on and on. OSHCON cannot and will not do all of that for you, nor can they protect you from enforcement activities.  Don’t get us wrong, they’re a great resource but you can’t outsource your compliance to OSHCON. Really, they’re nothing more than a good starting point. Managing the rest is up to your company.

One of the biggest challenges involves conducting regular qualified OSHA training classes and OSHA safety training in general for company employees.  These safety training requirements must match up with the specific hazards present at your facility, and many are required each year, and are required for all employees who are exposed to these hazards.  This challenge is made worse for companies who have continuous employee turnover.


For small companies who are worried that they’re not compliant, and aren’t sure where to begin, we have created a guide that will get you well on your way towards achieving these objectives and is a must-read for any company who doesn’t have a full time and experienced health and safety compliance manager, or for companies who are just getting acquainted with their health & safety regulatory obligations. By the time you’ve finished reading this document, you’ll have gained a much better understanding of what the Occupational Health & Safety Administration demands of your company and can then begin to use the knowledge gained to assess your company’s current compliance condition, determine what needs to be fixed, and hopefully begin work on making improvements.


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