Many Texas manufacturers don’t understand or know if SPCC regulations apply to their operations.

We’ve created this quick blog post to help you understand the basics, and how to determine if SPCC applies to you:

SPCC is the Spill Prevention Countermeasures and Control Regulation. It is a federal regulation governed by US EPA.

Any site that has a storage capacity in 55 gallon drums or larger of 1,320 gallons of OILS (food or fuel) is subject to this regulation. It is based on capacity of storage for oils not actual storage which is where people get tripped up. Details can be found at

If your facility can discharge oils in a spill situation to a storm sewer, drainage easement, creek, anything that is water…you have to look at this regulation (which is really almost every industrial facility).

Use these questions to determine if SPCC applies to your facility.

  1. Is your facility or part of your facility (e.g. complex) considered non-transportation-related? Yes – Please continue to Question 2. No – Your facility is not subject to SPCC.
  2. Is your facility engaged in drilling, producing, gathering, storing, processing, refining, transferring, distributing, using or consuming oil? Yes – Please continue to Question 3. No – Your facility is not subject to SPCC.
  3. Could the facility reasonably be expected to discharge oil in quantities that may be harmful into navigable waters or adjoining shorelines? Yes – Please continue to Question 4. No – Your facility is not subject to SPCC.


Is the total aggregate capacity of aboveground oil storage containers greater than 1,320 gallons of oil? (Do not include containers less than 55 gallons, permanently closed container, motive power containers, or storage containers used exclusively for wastewater treatment.) Do include transformers, belly tanks in generators, cooking oils, hydraulic fluid, lubes, fuels (gasoline/kerosene), oils, etc. if they are 55 gallons or greater.

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