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OSHA Crane Operator Compliance Date Established

OSHA's revised crane operator training and certification requirements go into effect on 11/10/2018.  This gives employers and operators just under a year to come into compliance with these new crane regulations.  The original rules were issued in August of 2010, but OSHA delayed implementation to give stakeholders time to provide feedback, for companies to become compliant, and to finalize the rule.  Over eight years later, the final rules will finally go into effect. Click here to learn more on [...]

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Hurricane Harvey Environmental & Industrial Waste Generator Guidance

Many Texas industrial waste generators are going to be unable to ship hazardous waste due to the recent hurricane and flooding events, because many hazardous waste transporters and treatment facilities are located in the Houston area and are currently unable to operate until further notice. Please see the regulatory guidance update below from TCEQ, especially the sections highlighted in yellow, which essentially state that regulated entities will not be subject to environmental enforcement actions due to non-compliance caused by the disaster provided that [...]

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Its Our 14th Anniversary

Valued Clients & Friends, August, 2017 marks our 14th year in business! We could have never made it this far without your support, and so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your loyalty and business over the years. It’s hard to believe that so many years, and so many past anniversaries, have come and gone since the summer of 2003 when we started the business. I barely noticed most of those past anniversaries and [...]

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Dr. Ken Maynard’s Latest Economic Chart Deck

Hello, Please see Dr. Ken's comments and information below.  Things are looking very good for US manufacturers. Below is a link to the latest update of the “ESSENTIAL” Chart Deck I’ve been sending out  The charts are current through Friday’s (3/10) monthly jobs report for February. Worst chart: Nothing of note, really. The industrial sector still lacks significant forward momentum (see Charts #6b and #8b), but looks like it is ready to break out. Best charts: The inventory dynamic has turned [...]

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