Are all safety consulting companies in Texas the same?

If you’re looking for outside help with your workplace safety programs, you’re probably trying to figure out if safety consultants are all the same, or if there’s a difference.

We created this short blog post to help answer that question, because not all OSHA consulting companies are created equal!

If you do your homework, you’ll find that most safety consulting companies are “project” oriented.  In other words, they typically offer lots of “ala cart” or “project” services, such as one time training classes, inspections, drafting written programs, etc.

This is the first, and primary way we’re different, and better.

We offer a turn-key, small business focused model, where we essentially become the outsourced EHS department for our clients.   We call this Assured Compliance.

The service begins with a comprehensive mock OSHA audit where we identify all deficiencies, OSHA fine liability estimate, etc. and then use that information to develop a customized compliance program for each of our clients.  This includes developing a 12 month compliance plan that includes all needed compliance components such as written programs, training requirements, routine inspections, LOTO procedures, etc.   The end result is guaranteed OSHA compliance at the end of 12 months.

In summary, with Assured Compliance we develop a customized health and safety compliance program and drive all components and activities, as opposed to most of our competitors who offer a bunch of “ala cart” services.  With this “project” model, the client often has to figure out what they need and then they hire the safety company to execute, as opposed to the other way around.

Our approach is much more proactive and comprehensive so our clients don’t have to worry about missing something.  All our clients really have to do is make time for us to train their employees and correct physical hazards that we find in their workplace.  We do the rest!

The 3rd major difference with our company, is that we focus almost exclusively with helping small companies manage EHS compliance.  We work with small manufacturing, construction, energy, industrial services and healthcare companies to help them manage OSHA and environmental compliance.

Our turn-key, small business approach is very unique to our industry and can include environmental compliance  This brings me to our second major difference, which is the fact that offer a full range of turn-key environmental compliance services, including air permitting, storm water-storm water pollution prevention plans-SWPPP, SPCC, hazardous waste management, and hazardous materials reporting.

In addition to helping our clients achieve OSHA and environmental compliance, they also benefit from reduced risk of regulatory fines and penalties, civil and criminal liabilities, damage to their company reputation and of course, protecting their employees from injury and harm.

Grow Your Business, Leave The Compliance To Us

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