EHS Compliance For Small Business in Texas

A very high percentage of the people who end up contacting us either own or work for a small business who is struggling to manage OSHA, environmental or hazardous materials compliance issues at their company and are looking for help.

Talk to anyone who’s responsible for managing EHS compliance at a small company, and they’ll tell you how incredibly tough it can be trying to juggle running a small business while at the same time trying to manage what feels like an overwhelming, complicated and ever changing set of environmental, health and safety laws and regulations that impact their business.

The fact is that most small companies simply lack the internal expertise, time, money and resources needed to keep up and manage it all.

To make matters worse, this dilemma ends up putting small businesses at much greatest risk for significant non-compliance related liabilities such as major regulatory fines and penalties (after an OSHA inspection for example), skyrocketing insurance costs, lost customers, PR nightmares and sometimes even civil and criminal liabilities if things go wrong.

These risks can be devastating and in some cases could even destroy a small business.  Regulatory fines and penalties can literally run into the $tens or even $hundreds of thousands of dollars, and let’s face it, not many small businesses have that kind of money just lying around.

In more serious situations when employees get seriously injured or killed on the job, and if it can be proven that management was negligent in managing OSHA compliance, then civil or even criminal liabilities can be triggered.  These liabilities can end up costing a business $millions of dollars and even jail time.  These same risks can trigger when serious environmental violations occur.

Many small business owners and companies aren’t aware of the significant peril they face by failing to manage the environmental, health and safety compliance regulations that apply to their business, and many only end up finding out after it’ too late.

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