We Are Your Construction Safety Consultants

We specialize in helping small construction companies manage OSHA compliance. As construction safety consultants, our responsibility is to help our clients understand health and safety laws that apply to their day-to-operations and assist with implementation and management of those requirements. This sounds simple enough, but it is a difficult task, particularly for small construction companies that typically lack the resources and internal expertise needed to effectively manage construction safety compliance. We have provided construction safety consulting services in the state of Texas for over 15 years, and we understand the challenges our clients face with managing OSHA’s requirements.



  • General Contractors (GC) can get fined and penalized by OSHA for subcontractor safety violations.

  • OSHA can fine both the subcontractor and the GC for the same violation.

  • Families of injured or killed employees can sue for settlements costing companies MILLIONS.

  • US companies lose BILLIONS each year to occupational injuries & accidents.

According to OSHA, General Contractors must “Make Reasonable Efforts to Ensure Worksite Is Free of Safety & Health Hazards.”

What does that mean?

Understand some the major components of this requirement:

  • Must have written safety program
  • Must train employees (superintendents) to understand, manage and enforce program/manual
  • Must regularly inspect job sites to identify health and safety hazards
  • When hazards are found, the GC must coordinate with the offending subcontractors to correct health and safety hazards