We specialize in helping small manufacturing, construction, industrial service and healthcare companies achieve and maintain OSHA and environmental regulatory compliance.  We focus on helping small companies because they typically lack the internal expertise and resources to make it happen, and thus inadvertently put the business, their employees and local communities at greater risk for harm.  Our company founder has first hand experience dealing with these small business compliance challenges, which was the inspiration for starting the company.

Our team of safety consultants and environmental compliance experts achieve compliance for our clients by leveraging a very unique and “hands-on” proprietary, results driven & cost-effective system that: 1) determines which specific EHS regulations apply to our client’s operations and 2) systematically implements and manages those requirements throughout the course of a year.  We essentially become the EHS department for our client companies. The end result is compliance with Federal and state environmental, health and safety laws.

In addition to regulatory compliance, our clients realize significant added benefits including reduced risk for serious workplace injuries, regulatory fines and penalties, civil and even criminal liabilities, lost business, and reputation damage and embarrassment for the company when things go wrong.  Other benefits include reduced insurance premiums, improved quality performance, reduced employee turnover, and allows your company to grow by focussing on your core business.

It all adds up to piece of mind and a safer and greener workplace for our client companies.