Is outsourcing your environmental, health and safety compliance a good option for your company?

It’s very common for companies to outsourced their legal, accounting and IT needs and services, but many companies don’t even know that outsourcing EHS compliance is an option… but it is.

Now that you know it’s an option, why would you consider it?

Did you know that companies who fail to manage OSHA, EPA and state environmental and hazardous materials compliance put themselves at risk for major liabilities including:

  • Serious employee injuries and even fatalities
  • Regulatory fines that often run into the $10s and even $100s of thousands of dollars
  • Public embarrassment and PR nightmares
  • Lost money
  • Lost customers
  • Potential civil and criminal liabilities for the company, ownership and sometimes even staff

If you’re in manufacturing, construction, energy or industrial services, and don’t have a full time EHS manager or department, maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing your EHS compliance.

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