OSHA Safety Consulting and Training — Houston, Texas

Receive OSHA health and safety training, wherever you are in the Houston metroplex area. At Berg, we offer safety consulting services to companies in the westside of Brookshire to Katy in the east and encompassing Pasadena, Channelview, and Baytown in the southeast.

Our OSHA Compliance Services and More

As well as safety training, Houston businesses can receive OSHA audits and compliance services. We also provide industrial hygiene surveys and safety consulting. Houston companies can rely on us to navigate the complicated laws for them.

Why OSHA Compliance Is Critical

Some OSHA regulations may seem unimportant or minor, but failing to comply can have a major impact on your business. As well as fines, you can expect penalties like suspended production and even criminal charges. Furthermore, you may damage your company’s reputation, leading to lost customers and a high employee turnover.

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