Outsourced OSHA Safety and Environmental Consultant Services Texas

Building upon the 13 years (and counting) success of Berg Environmental Services, we have launched a new related business called Berg Compliance Solutions which provides environmental, health & safety consulting & training services to our clients in the Texas market.

Our business focuses on helping clients manage and comply with environmental, health and safety rules and regulations in the most comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  

We strive to develop partnerships with our clients to provide services that balance regulatory compliance and risk management within budgetary realities, in a timely manner, and with a common sense approach.

We serve the following industries: manufacturing, construction, industrial & specialty services, energy, transportation, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals & medical device manufacturing.

With OSHA & EPA regulatory enforcement activities at historically high levels, EHS compliance and risk management has become a priority for each of these high hazard industries.

Additional EHS Compliance Resources Texas:
OSHA’s Website

TCEQ’ Website