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Learn more about our OSHA safety consulting services in Texas.

Texas OSHA

Our OSHA safety consultants have extensive experience assisting clients to comply with implementation and management of health & safety compliance programs for a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, energy, healthcare, and industrial services. Regardless of your business, our services will help ensure the safety and health of your employees, compliance with OSHA rules and regulations, and in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Given OSHA’s current aggressive approach to enforcement, along with heavy fines and penalties for non-compliance, it’s vital that businesses understand their mandated responsibilities, and implement and maintain fully compliant OSHA safety programs. However, given the complexity and multitude of rules, regulations, and standards that could apply to your business and broad, and sometimes vague, mandated OSHA employer responsibilities, it’s often very difficult to manage this process.  That’s where we can help.  Our team of safety consultants has many years of experience interpreting, implementing, and managing these OSHA requirements for a wide variety of businesses.

Our Texas OSHA consulting services include:

    • OSHA compliance training
    • OSHA safety training classes
    • OSHA  compliance audits and inspections
    • OSHA Compliance Manual development
    • Outsourced,  turn-key OSHA safety compliance
    • Staff augmentation
    • Standards interpretation
    • Loss control services
    • Accident investigations
    • Industrial hygiene surveys (Air quality testing, noise surveys, etc)
    • Construction site safety services

Whether your company requires temporary assistance with a health or safety related compliance project or ongoing and full-time assistance, we can offer a service to meet your needs.

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