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Our company specializes in helping small manufacturing, construction and industrial services companies manage workplace safety.  In addition to our proven & proprietary outsourced OSHA compliance services, we employ a team of experienced and qualified safety consultants who deploy to client locations all over the country to help them manage health and safety requirements.  Our safety consulting team understand how to implement and manage EHS programs with a common sense approach that balances compliance requirements with our client’s business needs.  We understand that production schedules must be kept, and profitability maintained, and know how to integrate workplace safety into the mix so that these goals are achieved.  Our staff know that safety and production don’t necessarily have to be competing objectives, and in fact, are often complimentary.  For example, did you know that quality performance and safety performance often go hand in hand?  Our safety consultants learn our client’s business, and then custom design a health and safety program to meet their specific needs.  In addition to learning our client’s businesses, we get to know their employees who overtime come to trust us, ask questions, and ultimately become actively engaged in the overall safety process.  This is key to any workplace safety program.  The end result is reduced workplace injuries, reduced risk, major cost savings, and OSHA compliance for our clients.

This isn’t an easy process and requires very experienced and qualified safety consultants to make it happen. Here are some of the major skillsets of our staff:

  • OSHA Standards: Our safety consultants have a deep understanding of OSHA’s General Industry and Construction Health and Safety standards.
  • Safety training experience.  Effective health and safety training demands an in depth knowledge of applicable OSHA standards in order to properly teach the topics and answer questions, but also the sort of personality and approach to actually engage and invite participation from the audience.  Without these key components, training can be a big waste of time.
  • Safety Audits and Inspections:  Our consultants really know how to identify workplace health and safety hazards.  In fact, during our initial client mock OSHA inspections, we often identify between 100-200 violations, which includes physical hazards as well as programatic, record keeping, exposure assessments and training deficiencies.
  • Corrective Actions:  when it comes to safety consultants, not only do they need to identify health and safety violations, but they also must understand how to correct them.  Our staff follow up on violations with corrective actions that meet OSHA requirements.
  • Written Program Development:  Our safety consultants know how to draft health and safety manuals to meet or exceed OSHA standards.  These manuals are customized to our client’s needs and operations.
  • OSHA standard implementation:  Our staff can implement all key standard components including Lockout/Tagout and Hazard Assessments.
  • OSHA enforcement assistance:  If an OSHA inspector knocks at a client’s door, they know that our safety consultants are just a call away to help with the inspection process, corrective actions and even to attend informal conferences to contest citations and reduce fines.
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys:  We know how to assess noise and chemical exposures to determine if they exceed OSHA standards, and if so, can make recommendations on how to correct them.  Sometimes they can be fixed with engineering changes, or if not, we can help implement Hearing Conservation and Respiratory Protection Programs to protect employees from harm.

Aside from technical skills and knowledge, our OHSA safety consultants have the key “soft skills” that are essential for managing safety compliance.  They are personable, friendly, and approachable so that our client’s employees can relate to them, and are professional, accountable, organized and strong communicators so that our client’s management can deal with them.  You cannot understate the importance of these soft skills when it comes to successfully managing a workplace health and safety program!

Good, well rounded safety consultants are few and bar between.  Our company understands how to recruit, vet, train and retain them for the benefit of our clients.  This is the underlying key to our success.

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