Small Quantity Generator Hazardous Waste Regulations in Texas

Small Quantity Generator Hazardous Waste Regulations in Texas


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Hazardous & Toxic Waste Disposal Compliance Regulations in Texas

I’d like to begin this discussion by giving an example of what can happen to companies who fail to manage hazardous waste disposal requirements, and then summarize Small Quantity Waste regulations in Texas at the end of the post.

EPA announced a $375,000 settlement with retailer Macy’s over several hazardous waste management violations.

The settlement included a requirement for Macy’s to train their employees regarding RCRA rules and regulations at over 400 retail and other locations nationwide.

Violations included failure of 44 retail locations to register with state environmental compliance agencies and EPA as Small Quantity Waste generators, and for failure to properly complete Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest forms.  These combined locations generated a total of 296,168 lbs of hazardous waste over a 3 year period. Apparently after a complete review, Macy’s determined that the company will generate 1.2 million pounds of hazardous waste per year.

Many retailers are not aware that they must manage hazardous and toxic waste disposal the same way that manufacturers and other industries must do  so.

Companies, regardless of industry, face major environmental fines and penalties when failing to do so as this example shows.

Here is a brief list of environmental compliance regulations for Small Quantity Waste Generators in Texas:

  • Small Quantity Waste Generators generate between 220-2,200 lbs per month of hazardous waste.
  • Must notify TCEQ and EPA
    • After notification, the generator will receive an EPA Waste Generator ID and Texas State Waste Generator ID
  • Must train all employees per RCRA waste regulations
  • Must train all employees per DOT hazardous materials regulations
  • Must create and manage a P2 Waste Plan (waste reduction plan)
  • Must dispose of waste at approved hazardous waste treatment facilties
  • Must use approved and licensed hazardous waste transporters
  • Must use use proper waste manifest forms when shipping hazardous waste and maintain these waste manifests on file
  • Must submit annual waste summaries to TCEQ

More information can be found here.

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