Introducing Our New Cost-Effective
OSHA Compliance Packages Designed
For Small Business

Keeping Up With OSHA Health & Safety Compliance Can Be Overwhelming For Small Companies

Texas OSHA

Our NEW Small Business OSHA Compliance Packages are designed to help your company tackle the biggest OSHA compliance challenges facing small companies in the most comprehensive and cost effective way possible.

Our experts will help you through every step of the process!

Most small companies lack the internal expertise, time and resources needed to keep up with complicated and ever changing OSHA health and safety regulations.  This puts the company and employees at risk for major liabilities including serious injuries, major fines and penalties, and even civil and criminal liabilities.  We can help!

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Build Your Customized OSHA Health & Safety Compliance Manual

OSHA mandates that affected employers draft, maintain & manage company specific policies and procedures to protect employees from workplace health and safety hazards.


Build Your Customized OSHA Health & Safety Training Program

OSHA requires affected employers to develop & deliver a customized training program to protect their employees from company specific workplace health and safety hazards.


Build Your Customized OSHA Compliant Lockout-Tagout Program

OSHA requires employers to develop and manage a customized LOTO program to protect employees from the accidental release of hazardous energy.  It’s one of OSHA’s most complicated standards.


Build Your Entire Customized OSHA Compliance Program From Scratch

For companies who are ready to build their entire OSHA compliance program from scratch, we offer a very unique new service called GUIDED COMPLIANCE.

This comprehensive service includes everything offered in packages 1, 2 & 3 above, and much, much more!

It combines a “do it yourself” aspect with step by step guidance from our team of experts.

Our Company Knows The Safety Compliance Challenges You’re Facing

Our founder, Russell Carr, has “been there and done that” when it comes to dealing with the OSHA compliance struggles facing small companies like yours.

He used to own and operate 3 small companies with major environmental, health and safety compliance obligations and risks.

“Between the 3 companies, I had to manage OSHA, EPA, TCEQ and DOT compliance.  It was overwhelming & I couldn’t keep up with everything.

Throughout my career I learned that I wasn’t alone.  I saw many of my clients, competitors and other small companies deal with the same challenges, and unfortunately saw many of them pay the price for failing to keep up.

Many suffered through serious employee injuries, major regulatory fines and penalties, and I even saw one customer go to jail.

These experiences later inspired me to found Berg Compliance Solutions, which is dedicated to helping other small business owners and companies to manage EHS compliance and risk.

Our unique understanding of the EHS compliance challenges facing small business makes us different than other consulting companies and offers our customers a major advantage.

EPA & OSHA don’t give small business a break when it comes to enforcement.  They treat & fine them the same as much larger companies. Are you ready if they show up in your lobby tomorrow?

The Non-Compliance Risks You Face

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