TCEQ Regulations & Hazardous Materials Compliance Services In Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and Throughout Texas

Texas companies must understand, implement and manage a wide range of environmental regulations & hazardous materials regulations in order to maintain their EHS compliance condition.  These laws are complex and can easily overwhelm companies, especially small ones who often lack the expertise needed to understand and manage everything.  Unfortunately, regulators don’t “give passes” and demand that all affected companies maintain environmental compliance or face significant fines and penalties for environmental violations.

Texas businesses are accountable to multiple federal, state and local agencies, each of whom enforces a wide range of environmental & hazardous materials rules and regulations. Agencies include EPA/Environmental Protection Agency, TCEQ/Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, DOT/US Department of Transportation at the state & Federal level, as well as local agencies such as fire departments and local municipalities.  To make matters worse, these regulations are often changed and updated and your company needs to keep up.

Berg Compliance Solutions offers a wide range of environmental consulting services designed to help ensure that our clients remain in compliance and avoid costly penalties and fines and reduce their overall risk exposure.

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 Our Environmental Compliance & EHS Compliance Services Include:

  • Texas Environmental Compliance Audits: Can Be Conducted Under the Texas Environmental, Health & Safety Audit Privilege Act
  • Texas Hazardous Waste Management/RCRA Compliance: STEERS, Industrial Waste Determination, Characterization & Classification, Texas P2 Plan Development
  • Texas Storm Water Permits: SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Development
  • Texas Air Permits: PBR – Permit By Rule, New Source Review Permit, Title V Air Permits
  • Texas SPCC: Spill Prevention, Control, Countermeasure Plan Development
  • Waste Water Discharge Permits
  • Tier II Reporting Assistance
  • Texas Toxic Release Inventory: TRI Assistance
  • Texas Emergency Planning and Community Right To Know: EPCRA Assistance
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) Hazardous Materials Compliance
  • Environmental Compliance Training

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Environmental Compliance Services in Austin, TX
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SaveVisit TCEQ and EPA Websites To Learn More About EHS Compliance Laws in Texas:

TCEQ Website

EPA Website