owners of small companies want to keep their workforce safe, minimize their environmental impact, and maintain compliance, but it’s not easy. OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, DOT & Hazardous materials regulatory compliance laws are complex & ever changing, and can easily overwhelm small businesses who often lack the time, resources and expertise to understand them. Many companies aren’t even sure which regulations apply to their operations, let alone how to manage them.

Unfortunately regulators don’t give passes to small business, and routinely issue huge fines and penalties to violating companies. Did you know that OSHA just increased their fine schedule by 78% in August, 2016? EPA implemented similar increases for environmental fines at the same time.

Non-compliant companies also face potential devastating civil & even criminal liabilities, reputational damage, skyrocketing costs and other related risks.

We specialize in helping small companies manage these regulatory challenges and risks through our hands-on and customized outsourced EHS compliance service called Assured Compliance.  Our service keeps your company in line with all applicable EHS regulations, protects your workforce, guarantees your compliance, and ultimately protects your business from the potentially devastating risks associated with non-compliance, and all for less than half the cost of a full time, qualified in-house EHS manager!  Click Here to see what our clients have to say about the service.

Announcing Guided Assured Compliance

Our New Cost Effective EHS Service For Companies Located Anywhere In The Country!

Build Your Customized EHS Program From Scratch Using Our Proven Process

Achieve Compliance & Reduce Risk For 1/4 The Cost Of Hiring A Full Time EHS Manager

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